End-Of-Year & Graduation Information

Dear Senior Parents,

It’s hard to believe that this school year, your student’s final school year, is nearly over.  I am really proud of all of the things that the students of the Class of 2018 have accomplished.  At this time, I want to inform you of a number of year-end activities with the hope that you will be able to join us for many of them.

May 14 – Butler Tech Senior Ceremony

This ceremony will be held at the Cintas Center at 7:30 PM.

May 16 – Senior Exams (Blocks 3 & 4)

May 17 – Senior Exams (Blocks 1 & 2 – seniors dismissed at 10:32 AM)

May 18 – RHS Awards Day & Senior Walk

The awards ceremony will begin at 7:45 AM in the Ross High School Gymnasium.  Parents are welcome to attend if their schedule permits.  The Senior Walk at Elda, Morgan, and RMS will take place for those seniors wishing to participate immediately after the conclusion of Awards Day.  Participation in the Senior Walk is optional.  Any senior taking part should bring their cap/gown with them and must ride the bus to/from either Elda or Morgan.

May 20 – Baccalaureate Service

This event is a time of reflection on the past and inspiration for the future.  Participation is optional, but all seniors and their families are encouraged to attend.  Graduates will need to wear their cap, gown, and tassel, and be in the main hallway by 6:45 PM.  Girls need to wear a light-colored dress or shirt and skirt and light-colored dress shoes.  Boys need to wear a shirt and tie with dark pants and dark-colored dress shoes.  The service will start at 7:00 PM in the RHS Performing Arts Center.

May 23 – Commencement Day

  • Mandatory Senior Breakfast – RHS @ 8:00 AM
  • Mandatory Graduation Practice @ 10:00 AM – Only those who come to practice will be permitted to participate in the ceremony.
  • All seniors will ride a school bus from the Senior Breakfast at RHS to Graduation Practice at Millett Hall and back.  Students will not be permitted to travel to/from Millett by means other than a school bus. 
  • Commencement Ceremony @ 7:00 PM – The ceremony is at Millett Hall in Oxford.  Graduates will need to report to the East entrance of Millett Hall no later than 6:00 pm.

A Few Thoughts:

  • The above listed items are the only senior activities planned and officially sponsored by Ross High School.  Any other “senior activity” your student may attend is not school sponsored. 
  • School will be in regular session through May 18 for seniors.  Your senior may tell you that there is a “Senior Skip Day” and that we will look the other way in taking attendance this day.  He/She may also say that there is nothing important going on at school and that all courses are now passed, so there is no need to come and/or be on time.  These statements are all untrue.  The expectations for seniors are higher now than ever before.  Your student has been told that regular, punctual attendance is expected, along with continued appropriate behavior.  Your support in these efforts is greatly appreciated. 
  • If a student has not met the graduation requirements he/she will not be permitted to participate in the commencement ceremony.  If your student is close to failing a class, please contact the teacher and/or counselor.  Review grades with your student to be sure that there are no last minute surprises.
  • Since the payment of fees is a Ross Local Schools Board of Education requirement, no senior will be permitted to participate in the commencement ceremony until all fees are paid.  The students who still owe fees have been notified.  If you have any questions about school fees, please contact the financial secretary, Leslie Lefevers, at (513) 863-1252.
  • Participation in the commencement is a privilege, not a right.  Students must continue to exhibit school appropriate behavior until the ceremony.  Students, who fail to comply with all school rules and policies in the closing weeks of the school year, will lose the privilege of participating in the commencement ceremony. 

Finally, a few words about the commencement ceremony:

  • It is imperative that your student arrives on time.  Students need to be at Millett Hall by 6:00 PM on May 23.  At that time, we will take attendance and remove names of missing students from the announcement list. 
  • Appropriate dress for graduation is important.  Our young men should wear the cap, tassel, and gown, full-length dark pants, dark socks, dark shoes, a light-colored shirt and a tie.  Our ladies need to wear the cap, tassel, and gown, light-colored dress or light-colored blouse and skirt, and light-colored shoes.  Athletic shoes and flip-flops are not acceptable for this ceremony.  Facial piercings and unusual hair colors are not permitted.  Any student who is dressed inappropriately will not be permitted to participate in the ceremony.
  • Remember that the gowns worn at the commencement ceremony are rentals and are the property of Graduate Service, Inc.  Failure to return the gown after the ceremony may result in the withholding of the diploma and/or transcripts as well as financial obligations.
  • Please respect the facility and its rules and regulations.  There is no smoking permitted anywhere in the building, and the use of any type of confetti and/or streamers is strictly prohibited.
  • Handicap parking is available, and handicap seating is available in the arena.
  • Commencement is a formal ceremony.  It is one that our students have earned through hard work.  The staff of Ross Local School District will do everything possible to preserve the dignity of this ceremony.  You can help us in this endeavor by refraining from using your cell phone and/or holding side conversations during the ceremony.  In addition, we ask that you do not bring any type of air horn or noisemaker.  We will have ushers and Miami University security officers on duty, and guests who do not follow these guidelines may be told to leave.
  • The behavior of our graduates is equally important.  We will make expectations clear to the students regarding behavior during the ceremony.  Any student who disrupts the ceremony may be removed.
  • Ritchie Photography will be taking several pictures of your student. One will be when he/she receives their diploma, in addition to a second photo, which will be a posed shot coming off the stage with their diploma, and a final picture will be a group picture with your student’s RAMBell.  There will also be an area devoted to taking group pictures that you can utilize after the ceremony.  Ritchie Photography will provide you with information regarding these opportunities, and any questions about the pictures should be directed to them at (513) 241-4959.
  • The graduation ceremony will be streamed LIVE, for those who cannot make the trip to Oxford.  Just go to www.waycross.tv/rhsgrad and click on “Watch Live” - the link will be active beginning 6:30 pm on May 23.  A DVD or Digital copy of the graduation can be purchased at www.waycross.tv/order, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting Ross High School.
  • Please talk with your student and create a “meeting place” for after the ceremony. This will aid in finding each other within a large crowd.

On behalf of the staff of the entire Ross Local School District, I would like to thank you for entrusting us with your most beloved possession, your child.  We have enjoyed sharing in the responsibility of preparing him/her for the future.  I know that each member of this class will make us very, very proud.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 



Brian Martin, Principal

Ross High School

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