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Chromebook Offline Access

Updated Chromebook Settings Allow Access without Internet

  • A few recent changes to our Chromebook settings allow students to log into the device, open files, Google Docs and other apps even if there is no internet connection.
  • Students can open the Google Drive app which gives you access to open and edit docs, presentations, spreadsheets and drawings.
  • Any work you complete in a Google Drive document offline will sync with your Google accounts once the device connects to the internet again. 
  • You can also open the file manager on the Chromebook which allows you to open and read PDF documents downloaded from the internet and Schoology. 
  • Teachers often upload PDF and Google Documents to Schoology to be read or completed as homework. Now students can download the document(s) at school and open it (them) again at home without internet access. 
  • Schoology and other programs that run online will not be available without internet access. 
  • However, documents downloaded from Schoology onto the Chromebook at school (or anywhere with internet access) will now be available in the 'File Manager' app without internet access. 
  • Google Drive is available without internet access as well. 
  • For information about how to access files saved on a Chromebook, please visit the 'How to Find a File' video on the Learning Center on our 1:1 page on the district website. 

Chromebooks: Finding files