Distance Learning Information

Last Updated: 5/1/2020 5:31 PM

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Ross Local School District
Distance Learning Plan

For Our Families and Community


May 4th - End of School Year

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Guiding Principles for Distance Learning Beginning April 6th

Teachers will phase-down new learning and will provide activities that extend, enrich, and intervene with the learning that students have experienced during the 2019-2020 school year. (ACADEMIC)

Teachers will provide students and families with opportunities to stay connected with one another through shared experiences. (SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL)


Distance Learning Time Period 
Instruction will transition from new learning to end-of-year wrap up over these weeks.

Week of May 4th

Week of May 11th

Week of May 18th
May 22nd will be the last day for seniors.

May 26th - May 28th
Last week for students to submit 4th quarter assignments.
(No Distance Learning on May 25th in observance of Memorial Day)


As appropriate for the grade level and course, instruction will transition from new learning to activities that extend, enrich, and intervene with the learning that students have experienced during the 2019-2020 school year.


Feedback  and Grading 



In kindergarten through 3rd grade, the classroom teacher will report student feedback and progress with students and their families. In 4th-grade through high school, ProgressBook will be used as a way to provide communication to students and families, in addition to the communication from the classroom teacher. 

No graded assignments will be assigned during the week of  May 26th. The last day to submit any work assigned during the closure is Friday, May 29th.


Instructional Implementation


Organizing and Planning: Weekly Lesson Planning and Communication with Families

Teachers will share a weekly agenda/syllabus of learning and learning activities with students and families at the beginning of each week to help plan and guide distance learning


Teachers will Stay Focused and Stay Consistent

Instruction will focus on learning activities that extend, enrich, and intervene with the learning that students have experienced throughout the 2019-2020 school year.

Learning checkpoints and expectations will be developed and communicated to students and families as applicable.

Students will have adequate time to complete assignments. Teachers will take into account the unique situation that students might be experiencing that could impact their ability to complete work.

Teachers will work as a grade-level, team, or department to ensure consistent expectations (schedule, format, and expectations).


Communication with Students and Families

Teachers will:

  • make every attempt to communicate with students/families who are not engaging in learning experiences
  • keep the building administrators informed about families they are not able to reach and/or whose children are not meeting learning expectations.

Teachers will respond to student and/or parent questions in less than 24 hours.


Special Services Guidance 

Please contact your child’s teacher and/or intervention specialist to address unique situations and specific student needs.


Teacher Planning, Collaboration, and Communication with One Another

During the period of closure, teachers will:

  • Develop pacing for distance learning time period.
  • Create distance learning lessons for students.
  • Communicate with families.
  • Communicate with students.
  • Communicate with other staff members or administrators.
  • Participate in professional learning.
  • Engage in other duties related to certified staff roles.

During the period of closure, teachers will  attend virtual meetings as needed, including: 

  • staff meetings;
  • department, grade-level, or team meetings;
  • Tech Integration learning opportunities.

Staff will virtually co-plan and share content with one another.

Staff will collaborate with Intervention Specialists.

Staff will support the social and emotional well-being of one another through small group meetings and collaboration.